WordPress (4.1)

Using the Pack

To use the Pack, we created 2 menu options, which you can find on the right of the menu. These menus can be configured in the .codio file.

  1. Configure Project : When you first come into your Project, select this to complete the configuration of your project.
  2. WordPress Login : This previews your app.

Note: Do not set the 'Inside Codio' option.

Configure Wordpress

To configure your Wordpress project

  1. Go to the Run menu.
  2. Select Configure Project.

If you prefer to run the configuration script yourself, open the terminal (Tools>Terminal) and enter

bash wpconfig.sh

When prompted for password: press Enter.

Run the Wordpress Installer

You should now run the Wordpress Installer to complete the setup.

  1. Go to the Preview menu.
  2. Select WordPress Login.
  3. Run through the brief installation process.
  4. Once it is completed, you will be asked to login.
  5. Once logged in, select the Plugins option in the left menu and enable, then activate the plugin called permalink-fix-disable-canonical-redirects, which is necessary for Wordpress to work correctly on Codio.

All done!

From the menu bar select 'Codio Site' (unless you used a different Site Title in the WordPress installer) and you now have Wordpress fully up and running.